About us

Hi, I am Nomaan. Founder of Content Thrust (Video Marketing Agency). I started video editing 6 years ago and All i wanted to do in my life was to create my own super hero vfx short film, but everything changed after covid, the studios were shut down. My dad had to quit his job during covid and i just wanted to do my best to help him, So i started working as a vfx trainer in an institute and simultaneously started doing some research on ways to make more money, that’s when i became aware about that online businesses exist. As i learned about various different business model i became more aware and developed curiosity and interest to start my own business. So in the last 2 years i have tried various different business models from selling tshirts, freelancing and then finally starting my own social media video marketing agency. This year alone I made over $50,000 and it has been amazing since then. The time and financial freedom that an online business brings, no job can ever do that.